How Swimming Helps You To Be Healthy & Fit

Swimming is a very effective physical exercise. Swimming is one activity that is refreshing to both body and mind. Swimming helps to burn calories, lose weight, relax body and refresh the mind. Swimming presents countless health benefits to those who exercise it.

Swimming is a very effective part of a weight loss program. It helps to burn those extra calories easily. Swimming is an exercise that is not boring and dull. It is an interesting activity to look forward to. If there is an interesting way to lose weight I see no reason why should not you turn to it. In fact swimming is a kind of sport that can be incorporated throughout your life.

Swimming gives an opportunity to spend some good time with your friends and have fun that is beneficial to your health and overall well being as well. A nice dip in a pool and some splashy time spent in it cools you off during summer. Beach or a pool, it provides a healthy opportunity to have a valuable family time. Water parks are best places that you can spend with your kids. Not to mention the fun and joy you get from swimming it helps great deal in improving your fitness and health.

Swimming, a low impact exercise, is an easy activity that helps to keep the heart rate up without stressing the body too much. Swimming can be handy to those who cannot perform other land exercises because of one reason or other. One can have an injury that prevents from doing other exercises. It may not be possible to lift weight or balance weight on knee. Such persons can effectively practice swimming. Swimming in the water does not require you to balance weight on your body. Without being heavy you can get the benefits of an exercise from swimming.

One important characteristic of swimming is that it requires very low effort from you.

o If you practice swimming regularly it improves your endurance.

o A swimming routine helps to increase your muscle strength.

o By maintaining a healthy heart rate, swimming helps to ensure good cardio vascular fitness.

o Swimming burns calories at a rate of 3 calories per mile per pound of your body weight. In just one hour you can burn nearly 1000 calories by swimming if you swim real fast! Even if you swim at a moderate speed considerable calories are burnt when you swim.

Swimming and land exercises can be practiced together without any concern. In fact swimming can serve as an easy way to warm you up before land exercises. Just a few laps in water gradually increase your heart rate and muscle activity. Just as before the land exercises, swimming is effective even after the land exercises. Swimming after a land exercise session is a great way to cool off, literally! It helps blood circulation through the body and helps body muscles to recover from the damage they might have had from the strenuous land exercising session.

In addition to a list of direct physical health benefits swimming results in a handful of other useful indirect benefits.

o Swimming is in a way a kind of meditation. When you swim your mind is focused on the rhythm of each stroke. This refreshes your mind immensely. You get a feel good state of mind. You are charged up to face the tasks ahead.

o Swimming helps to build sportsmanship in you.

o Swimming assists you to manage your time efficiently.

o Swimming gives you more confidence, improves your attitude, and makes you feel that you are worth. Yes, increased self-worth is an important benefit of swimming.

Incorporate swimming in your life will really present a world of good changes in you and your life.

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